DARID is committed to the philosophy of offering the best drying experience to the user. To this end, we have challenged ourselves to develop and patent a dryer with advanced technology, high design and one that is environmentally-friendly.

Efficiency: 2 minutes


Body Dryer Slim has been engineered to provide the best drying experience for its users. The adjustable combination of power and air temperature guarantees a complete body drying session in only two minutes. We offer a quality product that allows you to enjoy the fastest and most effective drying on the market.

Efficiency: 2 minutes

for sustainability

Each drying session with Body Dryer Slim saves 70 liters of water, curbs pollution, avoids the use of detergents, and reduces the CO2 emissions from washing a towel by 0.55 kg. We have achieved a product that diminishes the environmental footprint to achieve zero pollution.

Efficiency: 2 minutes


The certified EPA (Efficiency Particulate Arrestance) filter captures 98.99% of particles in the air collected in order to expell bacteria and virus-free air. Thanks to this new drying method, we avoid contact with towels, allowing a more hygienic drying.
Less contact, more hygiene.

Efficiency: 2 minutes


The energy consumption of each drying session using the Body Dryer Slim is 30 times less than the washing process of a single towel: washing, drying, repositioning, transport, storage and quality control. Less washing machines and dryers translate into savings for our users. The maximum cost of one use of Body Dryer Slim is € 0.02.


One of our goals is to make people’s daily lives easier. Drying oneself with a towel is an everyday action, but not all users can perform this task on their own. Body Dryer Slim provides greater autonomy in the drying process, increasing privacy and independence.

Patented technology

DARID offers a drying syste with patented technology.

Quality control

DARID guarantees the reliability and durability of its products thanks to the use of materials of the best qualities. CE certificate.


DARID offers 2 year guarantee.
Includes parts and labour.


Easy wall fixing system adapted to indoor and outdoor. Installation included.

Afer-sales service

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